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Why Do Root Canals Take Two Visits?

February 17, 2023

Nobody ever puts getting a root canal in Pembroke Pines at the top of their priority list. Most patients experience anxiety just by hearing the name. Root canals have a bad reputation, but because of recent advancements in dentistry, they are now more patient-friendly than they were in the past. Sometimes two visits are necessary to complete the root canal treatment.   

Most patients eventually inquire why the treatment could not be finished in a single visit. If you’re one of them, you read the right blog post.  

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Root Canal: How It Works

How Do Root Canals Work?   

Sometimes a patient’s tooth develops an infection in the pulp (dental tissue) or nerve. A dentist will perform a root canal once your tooth can no longer be saved. This treatment will help maintain a tooth’s normal function by preventing additional harm to it and its surrounding tissue.   

Two Step Process

A dentist frequently carries out a root canal in two steps. Your dentist will remove the affected pulp and/or nerve to treat the pain and infection. Additionally, they will clean and fill the teeth. A second appointment is necessary if the tooth requires a cap or crown. This is occasionally necessary to assist the tooth in keeping its strength and structure when the inner root and nerve of the tooth have been removed.  

Some infected teeth can’t be fully cleaned in a single visit. In these situations, your dentist will clean the tooth canals as thoroughly as possible and insert medications inside the tooth structure. Once the remaining bacteria inside the tooth have been eliminated, your dentist will start you on a course of antibiotics. You will need to visit your dentist again after your course of antibiotics so they can finish the root canal procedure.  

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Is the Second Visit for a Root Canal in Pembroke Pines Painful?

It is in no way painful. At this stage, your dentist has mostly cleared the infection from the tooth structure. Compared to the first step of the root canal treatment that you underwent; this appointment is simpler. The fact that the nerve tissues were previously removed on the initial visit is another reason you won’t feel any pain. Give us a call for more information! 

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