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How Long Does a Root Canal Treatment Take?

December 14, 2022

It would help if you budged this into your hectic schedule now that you and the dentist have decided that a root canal in Pembroke Pines is the best course for you and your mouth. You and your dentist must first discuss whether this can be handled in a single appointment or for two.

The location of the illness is one of the additional elements that can influence how much time is needed. Unlike molars, which can have up to three different roots, your front teeth only have one root, providing the dentist with a tiny area to work with.

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Length of a Root Canal Treatment

How Long Is the Average Appointment?

The first appointment is often used to clean and shape the tooth’s inner tissue by drilling, filing, and washing it. The dentist will probably finish this procedure on the first visit. The tooth’s exterior is often addressed at the second appointment by filling and sealing the disease-free area.

Your dentist could place medication inside the tooth between the two treatments to help prevent the bacteria from reappearing. The time between the two appointments will vary depending on the infection and the medicine your dentist decides to use for your treatment. The second appointment typically occurs between one and three weeks after the first.

The average length of a root canal session is between 30 and 60 minutes. However, when the procedure is more involved, your dentist may need up to an hour and a half.

The type of tooth being treated and the required number of root canals dictate the length of the root canal procedure. While molars and certain premolars have up to three roots that may all need treatment, incisors, canines, and some premolars only have one root to treat.

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Root Canal After Care in Pembroke Pines

You can maintain frequent checkups and cleanings with the dentist if you maintain good oral hygiene. You must follow those instructions at home once your dentist has treated any infections and restored your mouth to its healthy state. Please schedule an appointment with us for more information.

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