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Tooth Extraction as an Oral Surgery

December 16, 2022

While both dentists and oral surgeons in Pembroke Pines can carry out tooth extractions, general dentists are only sometimes qualified to do so. Men and women who require tooth extractions frequently struggle with whether to consult an oral surgeon or a dentist to complete the process. Make sure you choose the correct kind of doctor to meet your unique needs because having a tooth pulled is nothing to delay or play around with.

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Tooth Extraction Performed by an Oral Surgeon

Surgical or Non-surgical Extraction

To start, let’s first discuss non-surgical versus surgical tooth extractions. A general dentist can pull teeth with forceps when they are totally visible above the gum line in patients. An oral surgeon should be consulted for the extraction of a tooth, such as a wisdom tooth, which is entirely or partially buried beneath the gum line or if the tooth or dental roots are impacted by bone.

Stitches are used to close the incision site after surgical tooth extractions by an oral surgeon so that recovery can proceed as planned.

Reasons Why an Oral Surgeon Should Perform the Tooth Extraction

Patients also choose oral surgeons for tooth extractions for several factors in addition to their capacity to perform surgical tooth extractions.

An oral surgeon is necessary if you suffer from dental anxiety. Some patients experience dental anxiety so severe that the mere prospect of sitting in a dental chair causes them to hyperventilate, let alone stay awake during a simple tooth extraction.

You will also need an oral surgeon if you have teeth that are broken or damaged. An oral surgeon is required since the process is more complex and necessitates using oral anesthetic for those who need their broken or fractured teeth removed.

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Have Your Tooth Extracted by an Oral Surgeon in Pembroke Pines

Call our dental professionals at Village Square Dental if you think you need to have a tooth pulled. He can carefully assess your damaged tooth and extract it.

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