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Do They Put You to Sleep on Oral Surgery?

February 20, 2023

A lot of patients experience fear when they are told that oral surgery is required to restore their smiles. Most oral surgeons in Pembroke Pines offer a wide range of dental sedative choices, from the mildest nitrous oxide to general anesthesia, to ensure complete comfort and safety throughout these complex surgical procedures.   

Your oral surgeon will go through all alternatives with you, explain the advantages and potential disadvantages, and help you choose the ideal sedative before starting your surgical treatment plan.   

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Types of Dental Sedation

General Sedation  

If your teeth are impacted, your oral surgeon recommends that general anesthesia be used. Since you will be unconscious throughout the entire treatment, you won’t experience discomfort or recall anything that happened. You will also need someone to accompany you in going home.    

Local Anesthesia

Between laughing gas and general anesthesia comes local anesthesia. You won’t fall asleep under local anesthesia, but you won’t be fully awake.   

There will be instances when you won’t be able to recall anything about your procedure because it is administered by IV and coupled with a local anesthetic. While you are half unconscious, you won’t experience any pain.   

Nitrous Oxide

If you had a cavity filled or other dental procedure is done, nitrous oxide was probably used. Even though you will be fully conscious throughout the process, you won’t be able to feel any pain. Although there may be some pressure, it shouldn’t be painful. You should be able to have your procedure once it takes a short while to take effect. 

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Ask an Oral Surgeon in Pembroke Pines About Sedation

More gentler types of sedation are available for people who want to increase their comfort during oral surgery but may not require total anesthesia. Nitrous oxide is the gentlest type. Nitrous oxide is inhaled through the nose during treatment and is easily adjustable to offer complete comfort.  

 You can also utilize oral or IV sedatives to attain a deeper level of relaxation without falling asleep during treatments. Since these sedatives last longer than nitrous oxide, you’ll need a friend or relative to take you to and from work and keep an eye on your recovery. Call us! 

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