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Ways to Fix Crooked Teeth

October 25, 2022

Many people simply don’t like how their teeth look when they smile, but crowded teeth can also harm your dental health. According to an orthodontist in 33026, crooked teeth provide crevices for food particles to hide in and make it more challenging to keep your teeth clean. 

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to straighten your teeth, you’ll be happy to learn there are a few ways we can assist. Read on to learn about these treatments. 

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Dental Treatments That’ll Fix Your Teeth 

Dental Bonding

By adding a composite resin to the front surface of the afflicted teeth, dental bonding enables your dentist to straighten up crooked or uneven teeth painlessly. Bonding, often known as cosmetic bonding, is an excellent option for reshaping, bridging, and even lightening stained teeth. 

This dental treatment is a fast, non-invasive procedure requiring only one clinic visit. You only need to make one visit to our office to get results that seem natural! 

Teeth Whitening

You’ll be astonished at the difference that may be created by whitening your teeth a few shades. Even if teeth whitening can’t move your crooked teeth, it makes a tremendous difference in your smile. 

Clear Braces

Invisible braces are a treatment option for crowded and misaligned teeth. Clear aligners are made to fit precisely every patient’s mouth and are intended to be worn all the time. However, you can remove your clear aligners while eating and cleaning them. You probably won’t notice the aligners very much because they will be customized to fit your mouth, and no one will be able to know you are wearing them. 

How long the dental procedure will take varies from patient to patient, depending on the tooth misalignment and whether a bite adjustment is required. 

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Ready to See an Orthodontist in 33026?

An orthodontist can straighten your teeth that are crooked or have other abnormalities. Give Village Square Dental a call or email us if you want to improve your smile. 

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