Where can I get a Root Canal Pembroke Pines?

What Happens During a Root Canal Procedure?

November 23, 2020

Having a root canal in Pembroke Pines is necessary to eliminate and stop the spread of infection inside your tooth. Furthermore, it can save a tooth from getting extracted. Unfortunately, only a few people opt for a root canal because of myths and misconceptions about it. To clear things out, here’s what happens during a root canal procedure:

Where can I get a Root Canal Pembroke Pines?

What Happens During a Root Canal Procedure?

You Will be Given an Anesthetic

Your dentist will place a small amount of numbing cream on the area near your infected tooth. Once it has taken effect, your dentist will inject a local anesthetic into your gums. This will ensure that you won’t feel any discomfort throughout the procedure. You will feel a sharp pinch on your gums, but it should pass quickly.

Your Dentist Will Remove the Infected or Diseased Pulp

Once you’re numb, your dentist will make a small opening on top of your tooth. Then, your dentist will carefully take the diseased or infected pulp out. After removing the pulp, your dentist will then carefully sterilize all the root canals in your tooth. It will make sure that no infection or unwanted particles are left in any of the canals.

Your Dentist Will Apply Antibiotics

After your dentist has successfully taken out the pulp, they will coat the area with a topical antibiotic. This will make sure the infection is completely eliminated. In addition, it will also prevent reinfection. Once all the canals are cleaned and sterilized, your dentist will fill the area and seal it with a rubber-like material.

Your Dentist Will Put a Temporary Filling

The final step of the root canal procedure in Pembroke Pines is filling the small opening on top of your tooth with a temporary material. It will protect your root canal from being damaged by saliva. It’s best to cover your treated tooth with a crown to protect it further.

Where can I get a Root Canal Pembroke Pines?

Looking for Root Canal in Pembroke Pines?

A root canal can save your natural tooth and your smile! At Village Square Dental, our dentist will make sure your root canal treatment is a pleasant experience. Contact us for inquiries!

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