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TikTok Dental Hacks You Should Never Buy Into

August 15, 2022

According to a dentist in 33026, DIY beauty has evolved into a way of life since 2020’s quarantine. Most people had to become hairdressers, estheticians, and makeup artists, from clipping their bangs and dyeing their roots to grooming their brows and polishing their nails. The oddest of all of these is the at-home, DIY mentality in dental care.  

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Dental Gimmicks to Avoid

Using a Dispenser for Toothpaste and Mouthwash

To create a convenient all-in-one treatment, TikTok users started combining toothpaste and mouthwash in equal amounts and decanting it into a soap dispenser. Despite being simple and convenient, most dentists claim that the hack is incredibly harmful to teeth.   

Toothpaste is not UV stable. Producers put toothpaste in a non-clear container, usually in a silver tube, for a purpose. With time, the toothpaste will become less effective when exposed to light. Moreover, when you use toothpaste mixed with mouthwash, your teeth will quickly get damaged. Studies show that your enamel will soon erode if you use substances with a 5.5 pH level or lower.  

Shaving Teeth Using a Nail File

The fad of filing your teeth on TikTok may do more harm than good. The hack involves shaving down and reshaping teeth with a nail file. While some TikTokers have raked in many views by shaving their teeth for the camera, filing your teeth is risky.   

The more sensitive inner layers – the dentin and pulp, are safeguarded by this hard protective covering, giving your teeth their white, beautiful look. It also acts as the first line of defense against acids and bacteria.   

When the dentin is exposed because a small amount of enamel is removed by filing, this will result in long-lasting discomfort and sensitivity.     

Using Pure Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean Teeth

The pursuit of getting those pearly whites is tainted by strange tricks and materials, such as oil pulling, acidic fruits, and activated charcoal. The availability of whitening procedures has increased, but you should be skeptical of any claims made by the products.   

Dentists strongly advise people to avoid ingesting hydrogen peroxide and allowing such substances to get in contact with soft tissues. Direct application to the teeth in a controlled way or with properly fitting trays decreases this impact. However, bleaching at home without professional guidance can cause significant gum recession and enamel damage. 

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Make an Appointment With a Dentist in 33026

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