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How to Floss My Teeth with Braces

January 09, 2023

Every orthodontist in 33026 knows that it can be challenging to remember to floss daily, and it becomes even more difficult when having to floss while wearing traditional braces. However, flossing is essential to maintain proper oral hygiene and it’s particularly crucial when wearing braces.

The brackets and wires of your braces provide good hiding spots for bacteria to develop. But don’t give up! It’ll be easy for you to floss with braces if you follow the right procedures.

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Braces and Flossing

Tips on How to Floss

Even though flossing is hard when you have braces, you can master it with practice and make flossing easier if you follow these steps:

  • Be careful not to snap the floss; instead, slowly glide it up and down on each side of the tooth.
  • Thread it carefully: Take the floss and, before passing it between two teeth, slowly thread it under the primary wire of the braces. When you reach the following teeth, please take out the floss and re-thread it under the main wire.
  • Use enough floss. 18 inches is the recommended floss length.
  • Use waxed floss (as unwaxed floss is more likely to get stuck and rip in your braces), dental tape, or a product made specifically to clean around braces. Before crossing between two teeth, carefully thread waxed floss under the main wire.

How to Remove Plaque from Your Braces

Plaque on and between teeth is simpler to remove once braces have straightened your teeth. However, plaque and food particles have more locations to accumulate and become lodged when wearing braces.

While having braces, expect to spend three times more than you do on your regular oral hygiene. Don’t worry; it will be worth it. You are more likely to experience gum disease if you don’t maintain good oral hygiene while straightening your teeth. When the time comes and your dentist takes off your braces, your teeth will look even nicer.

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Ask an Orthodontist in 33026 for More Advice

Bottom line: Flossing is important for maintaining good oral hygiene if you wear braces. You may simply incorporate flossing into your daily practice and contribute to having a beautiful, long-lasting smile with a little perseverance and dedication. Contact us for more info!

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