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How Much Fluoride is Too Much Fluoride?

November 1, 2022

Everything in life requires balance. In many circumstances, having too much of anything can be more harmful than helpful. Included here is the use of fluoride toothpaste. Every dentist in 33026 will tell you that taking too much fluoride is not suitable for your dental health 

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Essential Facts You Need to Know About Fluoride

What Is Fluoride? 

Our planet contains the natural element fluoride. Our jawbones and teeth also contain it. Fluoride is good for the teeth and bones and contributes significantly to one’s smile. As “nature’s cavity fighter,” fluoride has been hailed by the American Dental Association. City water, fluoride toothpaste, fluoride supplements, and fluoride applications at dental offices are all ways that allow the fluoride to enter the body.   

What Advantages Does Fluoride Offer?

A fantastic technique for patients to safeguard their teeth is using fluoride. It aids in strengthening natural tooth enamel and helps the teeth resist decay. In many circumstances, fluoride can help stop tooth decay in its early stages and restore enamel. Toothpaste companies use fluoride as their component because of these advantages.  

Are There Risks When It Comes to Fluoride Usage?   

Patients should be aware of the hazards connected with high amounts of fluoride usage or ingestion. Even though fluoride is a mineral that is thought to be safe and beneficial for dental health, it can still produce risks.  

Children who consume fluoride in larger doses run the risk of getting dental fluorosis. This is a cosmetic issue that affects how the teeth look. Permanent streaks, pits, and spots can be produced by dental fluorosis on the surfaces of the teeth.   

A rare disorder called skeletal fluorosis may develop if individuals consume too much fluoride at once. Brittle bones and discomfort are possible effects. If patients take in a lot of fluoride in a short length of time, this issue can arise.   

Most of the time, however, patients are rarely adversely affected by normal fluoride levels and reasonable fluoride use. Most dental professionals advise patients to learn about fluoride’s advantages and consider including it in regular oral hygiene routines.  

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