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DIY Dental Trends You Should Never Do At Home

April 05, 2021

Now that most people choose to stay home, DIY beauty has quickly become a part of their lifestyle. They’ve learned to groom their brows, do their nails, color their roots, trim their bangs, and even fix their own teeth. Unfortunately, without the help of a qualified dentist in Pembroke Pines, attempting to bleed this at-home mentality into dentistry can be very dangerous to your oral and overall health.

While there’s nothing wrong with DIY beauty rituals, at-home dentistry is another story. Check out some of the dental gimmicks you shouldn’t be doing at home.

Dentist Pembroke Pines

At-Home Dentistry: Trends You Should Never Do

Pulling Your Tooth

Unless you’re willing to snap your tooth’s root before the tooth is all out, don’t even think about pulling your own tooth. Tooth extraction requires the use of special tools and the expertise of a dental professional. Performing a self-extraction procedure can lead to cavitation or an infection that occurs inside the hole in your bone where your tooth used to be.

Filing Your Teeth

Smoothing the rough edges of a chipped tooth can cause you to remove the hard protective layer over your tooth called the enamel. Without the enamel, your tooth will look yellow and become more vulnerable to staining. Self-shaping will also significantly affect your bite, cause molar grinding, jaw pain, temporomandibular disorder (TMD), and chronic tooth sensitivity.

Making Your Own Braces

The process of moving your teeth to their proper positions requires the consideration of certain factors including the condition of your gum, teeth, and bone. For this reason, it takes more than your creative mind to replicate the process of straightening your teeth with braces. The problem with DIY braces is that they can potentially cause you to experience unnecessary pain or to lose a tooth or several teeth.

Removing Plaque At Home

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing one of those sharp plaque scrapers that you see at your local grocery stores. Unless you’re specially trained to safely scrape off sticky plaque and stubborn tartar from your teeth, you can potentially cause damage to your gums. The last thing you want is to accidentally shove tartar under your gum line and trigger serious oral health issues.

Dentist Pembroke Pines

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