a patient with braces smiles after seeing an Orthodontist in 33026 

Why Do People Get Braces?  

February 04, 2022

Your oral health directly contributes to your overall health. The most favorite area of bacteria in the body is in the mouth. Thus, your whole body won’t feel good if your mouth isn’t in good shape either. Moreover, people plan on having braces to prevent oral consequences in the future. An orthodontist in 33026 can help you achieve that picture-perfect smile while correcting all the issues behind the smile too. It’s a very worthwhile investment.

a patient smiles after seeing an Orthodontist in 33026 

Reasons to Get Braces

Correct Your Bite

An asymmetrical bite can cause countless problems for you. Crooked teeth, gingivitis, or even external injury are its causes. It may be hard for you to have a bite like that in your life as it can sometimes cause pain while speaking, eating, and chewing. However, braces are a solution that can put a stop to your discomfort. It can help correct all issues that affect your bite.

A Crooked Bite Can Cause a TMJ Disorder

Do you ever feel excruciating pain around your jaw or notice a sudden discomfort when you chew or bite? If that’s the case, you may be suffering from a TMJ disorder (TMD). In worst-case scenarios, TMD can lead to tinnitus (experiencing ringing or other noises in the ears) or even recurring migraines. Luckily, skilled orthodontists can use braces to treat and prevent TMJ disorders caused by the misalignment of your bite.

Avoid Serious Health Issues

There are various types of misaligned teeth – from underbite to crowding and overbite. While some of them may seem harmless, they make it harder to clean your teeth properly. It leads to greater plaque buildup, which soon leads to gum disease and increases your risk of heart disease.

Correct your misaligned bite if you want to make it easier to keep your teeth free from plaque and other factors that have dangerous effects on your oral health.

an Orthodontist in 33026 checks and adjusts the patient's braces 

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