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Why Do People Choose Sedation Dentistry?

July 16, 2021

You’ve probably heard about sedation dentistry in Pembroke Pines and are wondering whether it’s right for you. Dental sedation involves the use of medication to help you feel calm and relaxed during dental procedures. Additionally, it’s a common method of dentistry that’s used to meet the specific needs of patients of different ages. 

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Reasons Why You Should Consider Sedation Dentistry

It Helps Reduce Dental Anxiety

Did you know that about 9% to 20% of Americans skip their dental appointments because of fear and anxiety? While some of them had a bad dental experience in the past, others are simply looking to avoid the discomfort of losing control while sitting in the dentist’s chair. Whatever the reason may be, dental anxiety affects many patients regardless of their age or background.  

If your dental anxiety prevents you from getting the treatment you desperately need, it’s about time you do something about it before your oral health problem worsens. With sedation dentistry, you can feel calm and comfortable while your dentist works on your teeth. 

It Significantly Reduces Pain and Discomfort

Dental sedation isn’t only administered to patients who undergo complex and dental procedures. It’s also given to those who have a low tolerance for pain because it effectively takes away the reluctance they have due to their fear of pain.  

To ensure a pain-free and comfortable dental experience, you’ll be put in a deep state of relaxation. You’ll still be responsive and aware of your surroundings but you won’t feel anything. 

It Helps You Overcome Sensitivities

Do your sensitive teeth and gums make you want to close your mouth when dental instruments go near them? Do you have a strong gag reflex that prevents your dentist from sticking necessary tools into your mouth? Do you feel nauseous each time you encounter the smells of your dentist’s office?  

Be glad to know that dental sedation can help you overcome certain sensitivities by putting you in a state of euphoria.  

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Do You Need Sedation Dentistry in Pembroke Pines?

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