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Why Do My Teeth Feel Weird?

December 26, 2022

Nowadays, oral health is a significant issue for people. They quickly realize that something is amiss with their smile when they experience a toothache. However, in addition to tooth discomfort, tingling in the teeth and gums is also a sign of an oral health issue.

According to a periodontist in Pembroke Pines, mild tingling sensations are typically nothing to worry about, but a dental professional should be consulted to rule out any underlying dental issue. Your dentist will recommend the best action based on the underlying cause of the tingling.

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Causes of Teeth Tingling

Tooth Grinding

One of the main reasons for increased sensitivity is frequent teeth grinding, which can occasionally harm your jawbone. Bruxism typically happens while you’re asleep, and stress or anxiety are frequent causes of it. Other factors that contribute to teeth grinding include drinking too much alcohol, smoking, sleep apnea, too much coffee, and frustration.

There are several ways to cure bruxism, many of which can help you eliminate any tingling you may feel. For example, your dentist can advise wearing a mouthguard or offer breathing exercises and muscular relaxation to minimize the sensations.

Treatment for tooth tingling also depends on the root of the problem. But when a tooth is seriously injured, a dental crown is typically the opted dental treatment.

Dental Decay

Teeth tingling may be a sign of dental caries and should be treated right away. Bacteria that leave brown or white patches on your teeth will most likely lead to cavities. Advanced tooth decay produces a tingling feeling. To avoid further issues, you should get treatment from a dentist as soon as you notice any signs of tooth decay.

Sensitive Teeth

Your teeth are susceptible to some types of stimulation. This condition is often referred to as tooth sensitivity or dentin hypersensitivity.

It indicates that consuming a chilly beverage, eating hot food, or biting down too firmly can cause trembling or tingling in the teeth. When your tooth enamel has been worn down by consuming acidic foods, brushing too vigorously, or occasionally as a result of aging, you experience dental sensitivity.

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When to Visit a Periodontist in Pembroke Pines

Not addressing the tooth-tingling issue may lead to gum disease. It can make your teeth sensitive and painful and give you throbbing gums. When you experience this, you must discuss these worries with a dentist. Call us!

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