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What You Should Eat After Your Oral Surgery

October 25, 2021

If you’re looking forward to having your oral surgery, you’re probably wondering about the post-surgery diet. The foods you eat after your appointment impact the success of your procedure and the speed of your recovery. Eating the right kinds of food can help reduce irritation in the surgical area and prevent damage to your dental work. 

Immediately following your appointment, your dentist will instruct you to avoid any chewing near the surgical site. For this reason, it’s best to switch to a soft diet temporarily. Thankfully, we’ve pulled together great options for a soft food diet that soothes your taste buds while you stay on the road to a speedy recovery. 

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Foods You Can Eat After Your Appointment

Soft Fruits

A good post-dental surgery diet may include soft and juicy fruits that don’t require much chewing. Fruits such as mangoes, bananas, peach, and apple sauce offer nutrients that your teeth need as your mouth heals. You can choose to eat the fruit as is, juice it in a slow juicer, or put it through a blender to make a smoothie.  


Besides soft fruit, you may also incorporate creamy or dairy foods into your diet after your appointment. Since foods such as ice cream, eggs, yogurt, and smoothies don’t require any chewing, they’re easy to eat. 

Soft Vegetables

It would help if you never neglected to eat your green and leafy vegetables after an oral surgery. However, it’s best to choose soft veggies to add to your diet plan during the first few days of your recovery period. For instance, you may eat mashed cauliflower served at room temperature and other veggie options that require less chewing. 


Since carbohydrates provide your body with the energy it needs, you should include carbohydrate-rich foods in your diet. Some examples that are also easy to chew include wheat cream, rice pudding, and oatmeal.  

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