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What Is the Dental Implant Recovery Time?

November 11, 2022

Full-arch dental implants in 33026 are a long-term replacement for missing or broken teeth. It can enhance your quality of life and self-confidence. The procedure often takes three to five months, from the first consultation to the installation of permanent teeth. A large portion of this time is spent on recovery. If you’re considering getting full-arch dental implants, be aware that the recovery period will differ from one person to another because it will rely on several different variables.  

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The Recovery Period

How Long Does It Take to Recover Entirely Following Dental Implant Surgery?

Dental implant surgery has a different impact on recovery time. Most people need one or two days to heal. However, recovery time may be extended if it is necessary for bone grafts or if several implant procedures are performed. If this is the case, the healing period will last between one and two weeks.   

It cannot be overemphasized that the length of healing time may vary depending on a number of additional factors. It would be best to consider your age, general health, dental health, and oral hygiene.    

Advice for a Speedy Recovery   

Make sure to adhere to all of your doctor’s post-operative recommendations. Below is a list of examples to follow if you want a speedy recovery:  

  • Only eat soft foods.  
  • Maintain good dental health by carefully brushing and flossing.   
  • Use ice or cold compress to reduce any swelling.  
  • Put an end to smoking for at least a few weeks.   
  • Use pain medication as directed.  
  • Keep an eye out for any fever, illness, or swelling that persists for more than a few days.  
  • Go to your follow-up appointments.   

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Are You Considering Dental Implants in 33026?   

Implants last longer if you take better care of them. Even though implants experience typical wear and tear, they won’t develop cavities. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean or care for them.  

Gum care is essential when you have dental implants. Keep your gums healthy, especially the area around the implant. You should always get in touch with our office and schedule a follow-up checkup if you have any questions about the recuperation process. Call us for more information! 

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