Teeth Whitening Pembroke Pines

What Are the Different Types of Tooth Stains?

June 25, 2021

Did you know that aging, wear, and exposure to certain foods and liquids can stain or discolor your teeth? Thankfully, with professional teeth whitening procedures in Pembroke Pines, you can get rid of these stains. Before you begin the process of transforming your less-than-stellar smile into the kind of smile that you can be proud of, you should learn more about the two types of tooth stains. 

Teeth Whitening Pembroke Pines

Different Types of Tooth Stains

Extrinsic Stains

The stains that show up on the outer surface of your teeth are called extrinsic stains. They usually appear if your teeth are regularly exposed to dark-colored foods and beverages such as tomato sauce, beets, coffee, tea, red wine, carbonated soda, and sports drinks. Additionally, your diet and lifestyle choices that include smoking tobacco can also contribute to tooth staining.

Two of the most effective ways to prevent tooth staining include proper brushing and regular dental cleaning. However, once stains have set in, they’re extremely resistant to regular brushing and cleaning. Your dentist may recommend teeth whitening treatments to remove stains that managed to penetrate your dentin.

Intrinsic Stains

Compared to extrinsic stains, intrinsic ones are more challenging to prevent and difficult to deal with. These stains tend to develop on the inside of your teeth due to several reasons, including trauma, aging, or excessive exposure to fluoride and minerals. With the progression of teeth whitening technology, difficult intrinsic stains that used to be very difficult to remove can now be efficiently removed.

Teeth Whitening Pembroke Pines

What Are Your Options for Teeth Whitening in Pembroke Pines?

It’s important to note that teeth whitening treatments can be administered in various ways. However, if you want to achieve the best results, you’ll want to contact the team of dedicated dental professionals at Village Square Dental to schedule an appointment. We’re here to provide you with high-quality dentistry you won’t find anywhere else.

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