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Understanding Bone Regeneration Procedures

February 28, 2021

Although most people have heard about dental implants, only a few know about bone regeneration procedures. A dentist in 33026 performs this lesser-known surgical procedure to fix or rebuild the jawbone by transplanting bone tissue. Have a look at these interesting facts about this treatment.

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Interesting Facts About Bone Regeneration Procedure

It Recreates the Missing Bone and Supporting Tissues

Having missing teeth for a long time leads to loss of jawbone density. If you’re planning to get dental implants, your jawbone should be strong enough to support the implants and hold them in place.

Thankfully, the bone regeneration procedure promotes the recreation of missing bone and tissue by transplanting bone tissue from another part of your body or a donor’s. The transplanted tissue serves as a framework that facilitates the growth of new and living bone.

It’s a Routine Procedure

Countless individuals suffer bone loss due to developmental defects, gum disease, injury to the face, or missing teeth. For this reason, it’s not unusual for patients to be told during their consultation that a bone regeneration surgery for dental implants may be necessary. Since this pain-free procedure is also a regular dental routine, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

It Can Be Classified Into 4 Major Types

The type of bone regeneration procedure to be used on you is dependent upon the extent of the damage or the location of the missing tooth. The 4 major types include the following:

  • Socket Graft

Also known as the most common type of bone regeneration procedure, socket graft works to prevent alveolar bone deterioration before it actually takes place. It involves the placement of the bone into your socket.

  • Sinus Lift Procedure

If you need implants in your upper jaw, and your upper jawbone isn’t stable enough to support them, a sinus lift procedure may be necessary.

  • Block Bone Graft

Significant defects in the jawbone may require block bone graft procedures. This involves the harvest of a small block of bone from the back of your haw and its placement into the defect.

  • Lateral Ridge Preservation Graft

When your jawbone’s width needs to be increased to accommodate your dental implants, your oral health care provider may recommend this type of bone regeneration procedure.

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