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Top Prosthodontic Options You Should Consider 

December 31, 2021

A trip to the prosthodontist in Pembroke Pines can help you fix missing or severely damaged teeth. However, with so many restorative options to choose from, the search for your ideal solution may seem complicated. To help you narrow down the selection process, we’ve rounded up the top prosthodontic treatments you should consider. 

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Prosthodontic Solutions to Choose From


Are your front teeth cracked, gapped, jagged, or discolored? With dental veneers, you won’t have to feel conscious whenever you smile, laugh, talk, or eat. The prosthodontist attaches these ultra-thin composite or porcelain shells on the visible surfaces of your teeth to conceal the imperfections in a snap. 


If you’re looking for a prosthodontic solution that provides structural reinforcement to your teeth, dental crowns are your best bet. Unlike veneers, these “caps” cover teeth down to the gum line. For this reason, crowns are highly recommended for fixing cracked, broken, or weakened teeth. 


A dental bridge is one of the best solutions for replacing one or more missing teeth. These permanent or removable gap fillers consist of artificial teeth attached to a plastic base that resembles your gums. 

removable bridge, also known as a partial denture, uses hooks to attach to your remaining teeth. Alternatively, a permanent bridge attaches itself to permanent dental crowns. 


If you prefer to replace rows of missing teeth without undergoing an invasive procedure, you should consider getting dentures. While upper dentures use suction to attach themselves to the palate, lower dentures require over-the-counter dental adhesives. Although acrylic plastic dentures are less expensive than their porcelain counterparts, they tend to wear down faster after a few years of use.  


Dental implants offer a permanent and natural-looking tooth replacement solution to missing teeth. The prosthodontist surgically implants these biocompatible titanium posts into your jawbone and tops them with permanent crowns after they fuse with the surrounding bone.  Unlike dentures that may move around your mouth, implants stay in place.  

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