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Tips for Eating With Your New Dentures

October 15, 2021

Getting dentures in Pembroke Pines is a great way to get your smile back and feel like your usual self again. However, your new teeth aren’t without their learning curve. We’ve rounded up a few tips to help you eat with confidence as you adjust to life with brand-new dentures.

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How Denture Wearers Can Eat with Confidence

Start with Soft Foods

Since adjusting to dentures takes time, you have to watch what you eat. Dental health experts recommend choosing soft foods during the first few days of denture wear. You may experience mild discomfort as your gums learn to get used to your new teeth rubbing against them.

Eating a regular diet will only increase your discomfort during the adjustment period because chewing solid food pushes your denture onto your gum. For this reason, it’s best to give yourself a few days or weeks before you use your dentures to eat more solid foods.

Steer Clear of Hot Beverages

Besides maintaining a soft diet, you should also be mindful of hot beverages. Although your dentures are an excellent replacement for the teeth you lost, they’re not embedded in your gum as your natural teeth are.

Since a small gap exists between your gum line and the denture, consuming hot drinks can lead to significant burns as the hot liquid gets trapped in the gap. If you can’t live without a cup of coffee each morning, carefully sip it first to make sure that it’s warm rather than scalding.

Chew On Both Sides of Your Mouth

If you were missing some teeth for a long time, you might be used to chewing your food on the side of your mouth with the most natural teeth. Now that you have new teeth, your mouth has to learn to chew food on both sides. Otherwise, you’ll end up pushing your denture out of place.

Additionally, focusing on your bite action is crucial during the first few weeks of denture wear. While you retrain your mouth to chew on both sides of your dentures while chewing, be sure to practice even biting as well.

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