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Tips for Adjusting Faster to Life With Dentures

April 30, 2021

Are you wondering if the process of adjusting to life with dentures in Pembroke Pines is going to be easy? If you follow your dentist’s instructions, there won’t be any reason why it shouldn’t. While the adjustment period usually lasts for a few weeks, we’re here to help you learn how to adjust faster to life with a new set of false teeth.

Dentures Pembroke Pines

How To Adjust Faster to Your New Dentures

Plan Out Meals to Ea

Experts recommend starting with soft foods while you’re still adjusting to your new dentures because they won’t put as much pressure on your gums as hard foods will. Additionally, it’s best to plan out meals that contain a variety of soft foods so that you can get all of your necessary nutrition. Soft foods that include mashed potatoes, eggs, beans, puddings, applesauce, pasta, custard, and yogurt without nuts or seeds will allow you to get used to moving your mouth with your dentures in.

Cut Your Food Into Bite-Size Pieces

As soon as you’re ready to eat tougher foods, be sure to cut them into bite-size pieces. This will make it easy for you to chew with your back teeth. While you’re at it, learn how to chew without dislodging your dentures, scraping your gums, or biting your tongue.

Bite Down With Your Side or Back Teeth

If you don’t want your dentures to come unstuck in the back, you should avoid biting with your front teeth. Be sure to bite down with your side or back teeth so that you won’t pop your dentures out of place.

Rinse Your Mouth With Warm Salt Water

It’s only normal for your new dentures to create sore spots in your mouth during the first few weeks of wearing them. However, you can reduce any signs of inflammation and minimize your discomfort caused by these sore spots if your rinse your mouth with warm saltwater.

Practice Speaking

Before you go out in public, it’s best to practice speaking at home while you’re wearing your new dentures. Start by reading magazines and books out loud or by thinking out loud.

Dentures Pembroke Pines

Learn More About Dentures in Pembroke Pines

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