A cosmetic dentist in Pembroke Pines asks a smiling patient to choose the best teeth whitening shade

Teeth Whitening Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For

November 8, 2021

You may be dreaming of having a healthy smile with shiny, white teeth. While a trusted cosmetic dentist in Pembroke Pines can give you that bright smile you’ve always wanted, it’s best to get your facts straight about this aesthetic dental treatment.

A smiling teen points to her newly whitened teeth after receiving treatment from a cosmetic dentist in Pembroke Pines

The Biggest Teeth Whitening Myths – Debunked!

MYTH #1: “Over-the-counter whitening kits are just as effective as professional whitening treatments.”

You can’t expect to get professional results after giving teeth whitening a go at home. Aside from the fact that dentists use whitening gels with more potent active ingredients for bleaching teeth, they also provide customized treatments.

In contrast, using at-home kits increases the risk of getting an inferior product or incorrect application of the whitening gel.

MYTH #2: “Teeth whitening destroys your tooth enamel.”

Mechanical teeth whitening treatments usually involve cheap toothpaste that won’t fail to scrub off your tooth enamel. Alternatively, professionals use oxygen whitening treatments that decolorize stains and split plaque without abrading the enamel.

MYTH #3: “You shouldn’t whiten sensitive teeth.”

You can still achieve a pearly white smile even if you have sensitive teeth. An experienced dentist can present you with options that can help minimize sensitivity during your whitening treatment. They won’t hesitate to accommodate your needs if you make sure you mention this to them upfront.

MYTH #4: “Oil pulling eliminates tooth stains.”

If you think that swishing your mouth with coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil for a few minutes can whiten your teeth, think again. Except for a few anecdotal pieces of evidence suggesting oil pulling works, you can’t find enough scientific proof that it effectively removes tooth stains.

MYTH #5: “You can whiten your gums and veneers along with your natural teeth.”

Since whitening gels are specifically designed to brighten natural teeth, they won’t work on porcelain crowns and veneers. However, you can always replace your veneer or crown to ensure that their shade matches your newly whitened teeth.

A cosmetic dentist in Pembroke Pines asks a patient to choose her preferred teeth whitening shade

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