X-ray of an Oral Surgeon in Pembroke Pines

Specific Conditions Only Oral Surgeons Should Treat

May 25, 2022

Your general dentist has earned your trust and confidence over time. So, if they advise you to see an oral surgeon in Pembroke Pines to have an impacted wisdom tooth removed, you may wonder, “Do I really need to see a specialist?” Read on to know why you need to get an oral surgeon aside from your trusted general dentist.

X-ray of an Oral Surgeon in Pembroke Pines

Why Get an Oral Surgeon?


Oral surgeons are dental surgeons who specialize in surgery. Certain treatments should only be performed by professionals who have surgical competence, training, and substantial education, just as you wouldn’t ask your family doctor to perform an appendectomy, C-section, cholecystectomy, etc.

Oral surgeons spend at least four years in hospital-based surgical residency programs after finishing dentistry school, where they study alongside medical residents in anesthesia, general surgery, and internal medicine, as well as otolaryngology, plastic surgery, and emergency medicine. Their education is nearly entirely focused on the bone, skin, and muscles of the face, mouth, and jaws. 

Treatments Specifically Performed by Oral Surgeons

Oral surgeons who have completed this difficult program have the skills, training, and expertise to:

  • Treat or diagnose oral cancer and other dental disorders in the maxillofacial region. 
  • Treat individuals with cysts and tumors of the jaws. 
  • Carry out facial cosmetic surgery treatments to improve facial appearance. 
  • Deal with accident victims who suffer neck or head trauma along with lesions to the teeth, mouth, jaws, and face. 
  • Surgically reconstruct deficient bone framework in the jaw region. 
  • Surgically treat or diagnose obstructive sleep apnea. 
  • Diagnose and handle facial pain as a result of certain conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). 
  • Planning and evaluating the course of treatment, as well as the placing of dental implants. 
  • Work on complex tooth extractions, including the removal of impacted teeth. 

Oral Surgeon in Pembroke Pines preparing

Have Your Dental Concern Treated by an Oral Surgeon in Pembroke Pines

Any operation on your jaw, gums, teeth, or adjacent oral and facial structures can be addressed by an oral surgeon. If you want to get corrective jaw surgery, gum (periodontal) grafts, dental bone graft, or teeth extractions, please schedule an appointment with us!

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