Where is there a Emergency Dentist Pembroke Pines?

Questions You Should Ask Your Emergency Dentist

October 18, 2020

Not everyone realizes the importance of seeing an emergency dentist in Pembroke Pines during a dental emergency. Most think that the pain will eventually go away or that they can re-plant a partially knocked-off tooth without a dentist’s help.

However, a delay in treatment can snowball more damage to your smile. It can also put your overall health in jeopardy.

Where is there a Emergency Dentist Pembroke Pines?

What Questions Should You Ask?

How Much Will the Service Cost?

Nobody expects to break a tooth. So, chances are, not everyone has saved up for an emergency visit to the dentist. If you experience a dental emergency, call your emergency dentist to make an appointment and ask how much the service will cost.

You may also want to ask if they participate in your health care plan. What if you’re not insured? Inquire about how they accept payment and when they expect it. They will probably have payment plan options to help you afford the treatment you need.

What Are Your After-Office Hours?

Life happens at all hours. Many dental emergencies will happen after office hours. Contact your emergency dentist right away when the injury or emergency occurs.

Your dentist might be able to refer you somewhere that has an on-call practitioner.

What Will You Do if You Can’t Access your Emergency Dentist?

The next time you visit your dentist, ask them about what you should do if you can’t access them during a dental emergency. He/she may be able to give you first aid tips on how to handle dental emergencies.

Below are some of the most common dental emergencies:

  • Fractured Tooth

If you fracture your tooth, find, and save any tooth fragments. Rinse your mouth with warm water to get rid of any debris that might be left in your mouth. Apply a cold compress to ease pain and swelling.

  • Dislodged Tooth

Grab your dislodged tooth by the crown and soak it in a cup of milk. If you don’t have a cup of milk around, keep it moist in your mouth. Then, rush to an emergency dentist right away. Avoid touching the roots of your tooth so your dentist can re-plant them back successfully.  Where is there a Emergency Dentist Pembroke Pines?

Looking for an Emergency Dentist in Pembroke Pines?

Don’t hesitate to seek help from an emergency dentist in Pembroke Pines! Our emergency dentist will provide you the immediate care and treatment you need during a dental emergency at Village Square Dental.


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