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Oral Hygiene Tips for Senior Citizens  

February 09, 2022

As adults, our teeth slowly become frail and less durable than our youthful days. Like our bodies, our teeth also have functionality limits, and the number one reason for that is age. According to a dentist in 33026, maintaining your oral hygiene at all times is essential to prevent dental problems from happening.

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How to Take Care of Adult Teeth

Proper Maintenance

Even when you reach the age where you’re already a senior, it’s not too late to start taking good care of your teeth and gums. Developing oral health habits is the first step in preventing severe diseases and bleeding from occurring.

Daily Brushing of Teeth and Tongue to Prevent Any Infections

The most common dental practice of adults in maintaining their oral hygiene is brushing. Gently brush gums and tongue with a soft toothbrush twice daily to remove food debris and bacteria. It can prevent the build-up of plaque and germs in your mouth. Plus, it gives you a refreshing feeling.


The majority of adults wear dentures so they can still chew their favorite food without any worries. However, they must not be worn at all times because bacteria might build up and cause several infections in the mouth. Before sleeping, it’s best to remove the dentures overnight—every night. Sleeping without them is essential so that the oral tissues can relax for a while.

See a Dentist Regularly

As adults, it is still essential to visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and consultations. It is beneficial to visit your dentist regularly, especially when something bothers you (like jaw pain, mouth sores, gum bleeding, etc.). You can talk about it with your dentist so they can immediately address or treat your concern.

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Still in Doubt Whether to Visit a Dentist in 33026?

At Village Square Dental, we are willing to assist you with your dental hygiene concerns. Likewise, we highly encourage you to book an appointment with us for better and exceptional dental treatment.

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