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Never Delay Getting Dental Implants

August 22, 2022

Pursuant to studies conducted by experts on dental implants in 33026, even if a missing tooth may appear to be only a cosmetic problem, it can seriously affect your gums, jawbone, and even your neighboring teeth if it’s not treated. The reason for this is because the teeth, in addition to serving a more obvious purpose like chewing and speaking, also affect the health of your gums and jawbone.   

To stimulate the growth of strong bone and gum tissue, tooth roots are associated with both the gum and jawbone tissues. Without such stimulation, your gums and jaws may begin to recede, which can eventually jeopardize the health of the entire dental arch. Dental implants can stop this decline and stimulate new growth, protecting the remaining teeth of your smile.   

Dental Implants in 33026

What Happens if You Don’t Get Dental Implants?

Decrease Jawbone Mass

Losing jawbone mass is one of the damaging effects of losing teeth. A weakening jaw may occur from a lost tooth, which can cause the jawbone’s mass to decrease over time.   

Insufficient bone mass causes the bone to collapse in on itself, dragging the muscles and tissues attached to it along with it. This can dramatically change the overall facial structure of your face because the muscles and tissues are connected to critical areas of your bone structure.   

Problems With Teeth Alignment

Your teeth have moved to adjust or have grown longer than they should have, giving the appearance that your teeth are misaligned. This misalignment will change the way you chew or eat. Also, your jaw muscles will work double-time to make up for the change.   

Moreso, misaligned teeth will cause an unbalanced bite. When your bite is out of harmony, some teeth are put under more stress than others, which causes uneven wear and tear.   

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