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Is there an Age Limit to Orthodontics?

May 01, 2024

Orthodontics has been historically associated with children. While it may be true that fixing crooked teeth is easier with younger patients, many people believe that, after a certain age limit, getting braces is no longer a possibility for them. However, no dentist in 33026 will tell you there’s an age limit to teeth-straightening treatments. 

Be it due to a lack of resources, a failed diagnosis when younger, or teeth that shifted with time, many adults today need orthodontic dentistry but feel embarrassed by the idea. However, adult braces are more common than you may think, and here are five reasons why they can help you unlock your hidden smile. 

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Why Do Many Adults Need Orthodontics? 

Improve Your Dental Health 

Another common misconception around orthodontics is that they’re solely a cosmetical procedure. Although braces can help improve your smile, the main reason for fixing crooked teeth is to avoid health issues that seriously impact your quality of life. 

An uneven bite can cause jaw problems, while gaps between teeth affect your gum’s health, and lead to cavities. This is because misalignment makes it harder to properly take care of your dental hygiene.  

These issues have the power to gravely impact your daily life, making braces a necessity, even as an adult. 

Fewer People Are Wearing Dentures 

Older generations never wore braces as adults, but the reason for that is so simple, that’s often overlooked: they didn’t have teeth. With dental healthcare and proper prevention, baby boomers marked a generation of change, as they became the first ones to keep their natural teeth even well into adulthooduneven teeth and all. 

As dentures become a thing of the past, adults live long enough to see their natural smile daily, and they want to see it as aligned and healthy as possible. This, coupled with advances in technology that have made orthodontics less intrusive, has led to 1 in four adults having braces today, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. 

Your Teeth Are Always Changing 

Teeth don’t stay in a fixed position. They grow and shift alongside us, adapting to our lifestyle as we go. For example, if you tend to rest your tongue in a position that pushes it against your front teeth, you can make them move forward. In the same way, the constant pressure from chewing, and even your sleeping habits can cause misalignments.  

The biggest concern around these shifts is that they generate tiny pockets in the gums where the teeth used to be positioned. In them, bacteria can lodge, causing gum disease and other illnesses. 

Society’s View Has Changed   

Once, getting braces as an adult was looked upon with doubt. However, today the situation has changed, and a clear example of that can be seen among celebrities. Many of them have gotten orthodontics treatment at a later age, like Tom Cruise, Christiano Ronaldo, and Gwen Stefany. 

Gwen explained in an interview that she always wanted braces, but her family couldn’t afford them when she was younger. Once she became famous, she could finally get the treatment she so badly needed. 

This should help as an inspiring example, that it’s never too late to take care of your oral health, no matter what. 

Consider Getting Aligners 

Nowadays, advances in technology offer patients more options to choose from. One of them is aligners. These customized molds apply pressure on your teeth, gradually shifting them into the desired position and making them effective against misalignment. 

Unlike braces, aligners offer some unique benefits like: 

  • Their composition is made of plastic, making them smoother and less irritating to gums than a metal brace. 
  • There are no food restrictions if you’re wearing aligners, as you can easily remove them when you eat. In fact, doing so is a must, as food can damage the material. The same goes for any drinks other than water. 
  • It’s easier to brush your teeth and floss with aligners, because you can simply take them out. 

The only downside to this treatment is that the plastic retainers have to be changed every two weeks. As your teeth shift, you’ll need a new retainer that adapts to your jaw and guides it to the desired position. 

Get Aligners with a Dentist in 33026

Get Orthodontic Treatment with a Dentist in 33026 

Be it for cosmetologically reasons, or due to a health issue, more and more people are embracing orthodontia. Life expectations have grown, and fewer adults need dentures, so it makes sense to want to have the best teeth possible. 

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