Who is the best Oral Surgeon Pembroke Pines?

How to Prepare for Your Oral Surgery

December 28, 2020

Putting in a little preparation before you walk in for your appointment with an oral surgeon in Pembroke Pines will make your oral surgery a lot easier. Whether you’re going to have a bone grafting surgery or a tooth extraction, be sure to gear up for the big day by following these simple steps:

Who is the best Oral Surgeon Pembroke Pines?

Steps to Prepare for Your Oral Surgery

Read Your Oral Surgeon’s Pre-Op Instructions

Did your oral surgeon provide you with a list of pre-op instructions before your appointment? Read it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know how to prepare for the anesthesia or anything else that’s related to your procedure.

Prepare Your Medication

Be sure to pick up your meds at the local pharmacy because you won’t be able to leave your house for medication once you’ve had your surgery.

Arrange for Someone to Drive You Home from the Dentist’s Office

Whether you like it or not, the effects of the anesthesia won’t wear off quickly. Since you won’t be in the right state to drive yourself home, be sure to ask a family member or a friend to do the driving for you. If they’re not available on that day, wait at the dentist’s office until it’s safe for you to call an Uber.

Do Your Groceries

Your dentist will advise you to maintain a soft and healthy diet to help improve your recovery after surgery. Be sure to get yourself some water, milk, tea, protein drinks, yogurt, and other softer foods that would tide you over for the days following your procedure. Remember to steer clear of spicy and acidic foods

Avoid Eating

You might be required to fast before your appointment if you’re going to have anesthesia. Since the anesthetics cause your body’s reflexes to temporarily stop, fasting minimizes the risk of vomiting during surgery.

Don’t Smoke

You’d want to stop smoking or chewing tobacco for at least 12 hours before your treatment and 24 hours after your appointment.

Who is the best Oral Surgeon Pembroke Pines?

The Best Oral Surgeon Pembroke Pines

The team of experts at Village Square Dentals are more than happy to answer all of your questions about your surgical procedure, the risks and benefits, and your recovery. It’s our goal to keep you well-informed even before your oral surgery. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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