Dentures Pembroke Pines

How to Maintain Oral Health with Dentures

June 04, 2021

Having fewer or no teeth doesn’t give you an excuse to have a relaxed dental routine. You’ll be surprised to discover that your dentures in Pembroke Pines need just as much care. Besides keeping your false teeth clean and well-maintained, you have to make sure that your gums and jaws remain healthy too.

Dentures Pembroke Pines

How to Stay on Top of Your Oral Health with Dentures

Brush Your Dentures Every Day

If you want to prevent the buildup of plaque and bacteria from causing stains on your dentures, you’ll want to keep them clean by brushing them every day. However, instead of using toothpaste and hard-bristled brushes, it’s best to gently clean them with a non-abrasive denture cleaner and a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Rinse Your Dentures After Eating

Aside from daily brushing, be sure to give your dentures a quick rinse after eating. Food that gets trapped in between your gums can cause sores and irritation that can lead to gum disease.

Rinsing your dentures can also help you stop stains and bacteria from building up. Since hot water can warp and damage the plastic denture material, you’ll want to use clean, warm water to rinse them.

Avoid Wearing Your Dentures at Night

Since dentures constantly rub against your gums while you’re wearing them all day, it’s best to give your gums a break by keeping your dentures in a solution overnight. Additionally, wearing them at night increases the levels of saliva in your mouth, which can be an ideal breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria.

Aside from accelerating jawbone loss, bacteria caused by your dentures can increase your risk of developing sores, gum disease, and stomatitis.

Dentures Pembroke Pines

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