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Different Types of Fluoride Treatments

November 7, 2022

Water fluoridation is one of the ten most significant public health triumphs of the 20th century. There are many fluoride treatments, from at-home remedies to professionally-administered treatments to publicly sponsored water fluoridation. According to a dentist in Pembroke Pines, OTC and prescription substances that contain fluoride can be used as at-home treatments. 

Dentifrices, mouth rinses, gels/foams, varnishes, dietary fluoride supplements, and water fluoridation are some of the applications for fluoride therapy 

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Substances Used in Fluoride Therapy  


Since it is simpler to apply, has a pleasant taste, and uses less fluoride than gel applications do, fluoride varnish has practical advantages over gel applications. The gels and foams are meant for the same patient population as varnish.   

Additionally, no published data suggests that professionally applied fluoride varnish poses a danger to enamel fluorosis. With a brush, the varnish is used, and it quickly sets. To a greater extent than systemic fluoride therapy, topical fluoride application has shown superior results.   

Foams and Gels 

High-risk caries, orthodontic patients, people receiving head and neck radiation, impaired salivary flow, and kids whose permanent molars should be sealed but can’t are all treated with fluoridated gels and foams. A mouth tray is used to apply the substance.  

The tray and the substance are kept in the mouth when you bite. Don’t forget to wait at least 30 minutes before rinsing, eating, smoking, or drinking following the application. Further, the process will take about four minutes.  

Some gels are designed for at-home application and are applied similarly to how toothpaste is used. Compared to professional products, these gels have a far lower fluoride concentration. A dentist can take an impression of your teeth and create custom trays that will fit over your teeth. You can then use this teeth impression to provide a fluoride treatment to your teeth overnight.   

Dental Rinses   

Prescription mouthwashes are more effective for people at a high risk of developing caries. Although they are typically not recommended for youngsters, particularly in locations where the drinking water is fluoridated, some young adults can use this alternative.    


Most toothpastes on the market contain sodium monofluorophosphate or fluoride. It is well known that 1.1% sodium fluoride is safe and efficient as caries preventative.   

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The distribution strategy for fluoride will depend on the patient’s risk factors and the reason for therapy. A dentist should be consulted before starting any procedure. Contact us if you need fluoride to improve your dental health.  

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