Where can I find Sedation Dentistry Pembroke Pines?

3 Things You Should Know About Sedation Dentistry

December 20, 2020

Did you know that about 90% of the American population isn’t comfortable with the idea of getting some dental work done? If your fear of going to the dentist’s office is causing you to ignore potentially serious oral problems, you’ll be glad to know that sedation dentistry in Pembroke Pines can practically melt away your fears.

Where can I find Sedation Dentistry Pembroke Pines?

Facts About Dental Sedation You Should Know

Fact #1: It Does More Than Just to Help You Relax.

If you think that dental sedation does nothing more than just to calm your nerves and keep you relaxed, think again. It also benefits patients who are undergoing multiple extensive treatments or those who have a sensitive gag reflex. Additionally, it helps the dentist treat those who have special needs and younger patients who are unable to cooperate.

Fact #2: It’s Safe.

You won’t have to worry about anything if you’re under the care of a qualified dental professional. Before they recommend any type of dental anesthesia, a thorough assessment of your medical history is performed. When your dentist is using sedation dentistry, you can be sure that your vital signs are continually monitored throughout the procedure.

Fact #3: It Comes in 3 Different Levels.

To help you relax throughout a dental procedure, your dentist may suggest a specific level of sedation based on your needs and preferences. The three types of dental anesthesia include:

  • Minimal Sedation

You’ll remain awake, aware, and able to respond normally to your dentist’s verbal commands. Once the procedure is over, you’ll be ready to go about your daily life activities.

  • Moderate Sedation

Although you’ll be completely awake while the dentist fixes your dental issues, you may not remember a thing about the procedure and you may feel like the entire process only took a few seconds. However, you should have someone to drive you to and from the dentist’s office because the effects of the sedatives won’t quickly wear off.

  • Deep Sedation

The effects of this level of dental sedation can last up to 24 hours. You’ll be completely unconscious throughout the procedure and you’ll wake up on your own. Your dentist may administer medication to help you recover activeness.

Where can I find Sedation Dentistry Pembroke Pines?

Is Sedation Dentistry Pembroke Pines Right for You?

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